Cleaning, Adjustment, Fitting & Repairing

Keep your eyewear feeling like new

Based on over 50 years of experience helping to keep your glasses feeling comfortable and positioned properly we suggest regular service on your glasses about twice per year. They stretch, screws fall out, and sometimes you sit on them or the dog gets ahold of them. We are your experts when it comes to cleanings, adjustments, fittings and minor repairs.

Glasses Cleaning

Cleanings & Adjustments

No one likes to hear this but scratches on your lenses are normal. Through the regular cleaning and wiping your lenses several thousand times over their lifetime, you will accumulate many small scratches. Two years is the life expectancy of your lenses. It’s usually time for a new prescription then anyways.

Repairs & Fittings

Properly fitting your new eyewear is a bit of an art. We become quite proficient at this art after so many years. Proper fitting ensures your comfort and maximum visual performance. We can also straighten bent frames, replace lost screws and reshape your lenses into new frames in the case of complete destruction.