Oh, Oh, Oh!

The three eye care professionals. Opticians, Optometrists, and Ophthalmologists. What’s the difference? Many people confuse Optometrists and Opticians because they often work together. 



Ophthalmologists are eye surgeons. They are Doctors who specialize in the treatment of disease and changing conditions of the eye. Conditions such as cataracts, macular degeneration, retinal detachments, and trauma are all treated by an Ophthalmologist.



Optometrists are referred to as Doctors also. They work in an office, by appointment. They perform a thorough examination of your eyes for health and conditions, which may affect the quality of your vision going forward.

If they discover something of concern, they will refer you to an Ophthalmologist for further treatment. They also conduct a visual assessment and usually issue a prescription for corrective lenses that will provide you with the clearest vision possible.



Opticians are government licenced eye care professionals who interpret the eyeglass prescription the Optometrist gave you. It’s the job of the Optician to advise you on the best choice of lens type based on their use.

The Optician will also recommend frame choices, considering style, fit and function. They will properly fit and adjust your prescription eyewear to perform as expected.

Another duty of the Optician is to suggest other options for you, such as contact lenses and sunglasses to protect eyes from glare and harmful UV light comfortably.