Local Challenge: the Glasses Experiment. The Customer Story.

I’ve always been a fan of big, bold glasses. The specs I’ve worn for the past six years were purchased on the “free wall” at a local optician because they were so wildly out of style (at the time). Even now that they’re back in style I’ve become known for those big, tortoise shell plastic glasses — many people don’t recognize me anymore without them! So when I walked into Avenue Optical, I really wasn’t expecting to make a big change. I’m set in my ways, and I like what I like. Owner Dennis Dickens took one look at me and said, “Take off your glasses, and try these on!”. “I’m not going to like them,” I told him. “They are bright blue!”. But, I swallowed my pride and listened to the expert. I didn’t expect to like them, I even promised not to like them. Big and bold is one thing, BLUE is another!

Blue Dilem Glasses
Blue Dilem Glasses

These blue Dilem glasses are possibly the coolest pair I’ve had my hands on in a while. These glasses are designed in France and built to make it easy to change your glasses with your mood. The temples are interchangeable, so you can easily switch from conservative glasses for the office to bright and bold stems for a night out. I can see how the temples can easily become an obsession. With hundreds of arms to choose from, with different styles, patterns and colours… you just MUST have them all. What a cool idea! They even have a crazy-cool simulator HERE.

I blinked a few times and reluctantly decided they could be a good fit. Dennis is the expert after all. That’s when the challenge came. Dennis asked me if I would wear the glasses for a week and report back on how it went, what comments I received and how they fit into my everyday. If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I take well to a challenge! So I set out with a brand new pair of bright blue glasses to see how they felt.

I figured my friends and family would notice immediately. They are the first thing I look at when I see myself in the mirror, and let’s face it… my glasses take up a large swath of my face. When my husband came home he didn’t even take a second look. I guess they feel so bright blue to me, but not to others looking on. Once I (eh ehm) pointed them out he said he didn’t notice because they fit my face so well – excuses, excuses… My immediate family didn’t notice either. It wasn’t until I was out the next day at a business event that the compliments started to roll in. I revelled in showing people how easy it is to take off the temples (a simple push with one finger) and to click them back in (place and click). These Dilem’s actually ended up being a great party trick!

Overall, I got a ton of compliments on these glasses. Lots of people pointed them out and many more wanted to know where I picked them up (locally… of course!). Most of all, I was surprised by the difference they made in my attitude. It was almost like walking in someone else’s shoes for a week. They made me excited to go to meetings in case someone noticed, the bright blue glow made me feel confident and quirky, and they took a little weight off my face.

I love that Avenue Optical carries everything from ordinary to adventurous frames. In their beautiful storefront space at 270 Brant Ave. in Brantford, they have a selection that rivals any downtown Toronto boutique. With gems like Caroline Abram, William Morris, Lafont and Vera Wang frames, to brand name sunglasses like Ray Bans and Maui Jims — all right here in Brantford. It’s easy to shop locally when business owners like Dennis Dickens are committed to sourcing the best brand, coolest styles and in demand frames for all Brantfordians. There’s also a special place in my heart for locally-run, family-owned businesses like Avenue Optical. They truly are what makes our city unique, vibrant and a place to call home.

Thanks for the challenge Dennis! It was a fun week in the bright blues. All I ask is that you consider these gorgeous Caroline Abrams for Round 2.