Look Your Best in Glasses

Tips for choosing the right eyewear to look your best in glasses

Everyone’s face is unique – so unique, in fact, that soon you will be able to use facial recognition software instead of a PIN when using your credit card. And while that technology is amazing and futuristic, having a unique face can certainly make deciding on the best eyewear difficult. Choosing a good eyewear boutique with an optician you trust to help you can make a big difference in finding the right glasses for you. Here are some tips to get you started:

Highlight your best feature

What do you like about yourself? If you like your eye colour, consider getting frames in a similar shade. If you think your hair is something that makes you stand out, complement it with a pair of glasses that match. A good rule of thumb for choosing the colour of your frames is to stick within the colour palette for your skin tone. Most people can be categorized as “warm” or “cool” toned. You might have also heard these being referred to as “winter” or blue-toned, and “summer” or yellow-toned. Choose frames with colours within the same tone “range” as your skin. If you’re warm-toned, choose colours like rose, gold, amber, burgundy, or darker shades of tortoiseshell. If you’re cool-toned, choose colours like silver, blue, amethyst, jade, and lighter shades of tortoiseshell.

Choose frames that add contrast

Most people have heard or read about finding frames to suit a specific face shape, but knowing how to figure out exactly which shape you’ve got is almost a bigger battle. There are plenty of magazine articles and web pages dedicated to explaining exactly what is flattering and what isn’t for certain faces, but sometimes it can be difficult to place yourself in one category or another. Don’t sweat about it if you think you might fit into more than category, as there’s some overlap in flattering styles. The general rule you want to stick to when picking glasses is find a style of frames that will contrast your face shape. Depending on the style, contrasting shapes will either minimize or highlight the shape of your face.

Stay proportionate

Don’t choose frames that are too large or too small for your face. Pick frames that sit in the middle of your face and don’t extend too far over the sides of your face, but also aren’t leaving too much space on either side of your face either. What might look good as sunglasses, which tend to be larger, won’t necessarily suit you for everyday eyewear, and vice versa.

Choosing new eyewear might seem daunting and stressful, but don’t be afraid to try new things and experiment with new looks. Visit Avenue Optical and speak with our experienced optician to make choosing new glasses a fun experience.